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We all know the MAGA slogan, "Make America Great Again!" coined by that guy that I will not mention! But I think America has always been great! Things might be changing though!

My movement is: Make America, America Again!

As American's we are slowly losing our rights and we are losing what made us in the first place. Please do not get me wrong, I am all for freedoms and for individuality! But that means that if you come to this country to escape troubles in your country, why are you trying to force us to be just like where you came from?

I live in a state where only 4.7% of the population speaks Spanish, but the other day I bought a Pepsi where the entire bottle was in Spanish, why? Even in New York state ( I live right on the border ) only 15% of the people speak Spanish and that includes New York City which is the largest city in the United States.

Does this confuse anyone else as to why Pepsi would choose to print their labels in Spanish? Maybe it has to do with the same reason why they are currently in support of disrespecting the American flag?

Now lets talk about something that happened on a date that we should never forget, 9-11-2001! Facebook is currently and has been for a while deleting images of the American flag and any post that contains "Never Forget!" or any reference to those attacks like pictures and videos of that day or remembrances of those events. They have even resorted to permanently blocking those that repeatedly post about those horrible events. But talking about Facebook is a whole different subject!

I hope that someday soon and before it is too late we can all get together as one and stand tall again!

We all need to stand together and say with one voice to Pepsi just how we feel about Spanish only labels and supporting the disrespect of our flag!

Make America, America Again! Our US Flag!
No More Pepsi!
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